Tips & Hacks

Color your home with ease

Painting Tips & Hacks: Color Your Home with Ease

Painting can be a fun, economical way to refresh furniture, a room or even give your whole house a makeover. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Paint like the professionals using these tips and hacks.

  • Plan on continuing your paint project later? Tightly wrap your rollers and brushes in plastic bags and put them in the freezer to save clean up time. You can quickly open and thaw them the next day to resume painting.
  • Cover small surfaces you won’t be painting in Vaseline. This works well for hinges, knobs and screws.
  • Keep a slightly damp rag in your back pocket so when paint gets on an unwanted surface, you can wipe it off right away and keep on painting.
  • Line your paint trays with plastic bags. After painting, just toss the plastic bag and your paint tray is good as new.
  • When painting chairs and tables, tap nails into each of the legs so you can paint all the way to the bottom without waiting for them to dry.
  • Before you start painting, lint roll over your paint roller and Swiffer your walls to avoid getting fuzz on them.
  • Use the W method when painting to get a nice, smooth finish on your walls.
  • If your painter’s tape is a bit aged, zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds to revive its stickiness.
  • Use a brown paper bag, which is much gentler than sandpaper to smooth painted objects without damaging your work.
  • Scrape your roller to squeeze (and save) the excess paint back into the can before rinsing it.
  • Before rinsing messy paintbrushes, soak them in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to help ease out the gunk.
  • It’s best to remove the painter’s tape sooner than later to avoid any chipping.
  • Got paint on your skin, leather couch or rubber shoes? Reach for the olive oil to help get it off.